AlgoVest (AVS) is a non-inflationary ERC-20 token with multiple DeFi utilities, built on Ethereum. It utilizes the Protect, Reward, and Burn mechanisms powered by an in-house proprietary modular algorithm that generates efficient returns to optimize value for tokenholders.

What is the AlgoVest Algorithm?

The AlgoVest algorithm is a disruptive artificial intelligence trading program designed by the developers to function and aim solely for consistent profitability in financial markets. Based on advanced mathematics and 3 years of research and development lead by the AlgoVest team, the algorithm seeks to maximize returns while minimizing risk, and it recursively improves at this task as it learns and evolves and is further developed.

The Problem We’re Solving:

It’s a well-known secret that the majority of people who try to day trade or enter into the market without sufficient knowledge or training lose more than they make. Maybe they over-trade insufficient capital…

AlgoVest 2021 Roadmap
AlgoVest 2021 Roadmap

Hi Dear Community,

We are very proud to present an allover 2021 updated roadmap. The roadmap features pleasant accomplishments and exciting future goals.

Since the launch of AlgoVest, we have achieved many milestones, including the launch of our TradFi algorithm, releasing of our staking contract and dashboard, buyback contract launch, listing on several notable cryptocurrency tracking websites like Coingecko, Coinbase and CoinMarketCap, engaging a part-time marketing director and laying out marketing plans, especially on alternative tech platforms. The most rewarding achievements of all for the ecosystem would be nearly doubling our AlgoVest portfolio with over 90% in profits.

Moreover, as…

Minds and Crbn are emerging decentralized social networks that meets our crypto project marketing needs. Join our community on these platforms!

It's no secret that traditional social media is less-than-friendly toward new crypto startups. And who can blame them? The space is new, it's hard to reliably vet every project, and there really are scams and dishonest projects that can make people lose tons of money.

So we're not mad at the tech giants for being diligent. But it does beg the question, where can an honest crypto startup advertise and build a community?

And this is where Minds and CRBN emerge as the obvious answers. launched in 2015, and over the years they've proven to be a platform that…

Community is important to AlgoVest because the project requires governance. We need you to be an active part of this!

That’s why we’re happy to announce that we’ve brought on a full-time marketing and communications director to get the ball rolling.

AlgoVest would like to introduce our newest team member and Director of Marketing Operations, Travis Murphy. Find him on LinkedIN. Travis has over 10 years experience in the digital marketing industry and we’re sure he’s going to be a welcome addition to the team.

We’ve got exciting community-building and advertising initiatives lined up for the next several months, including…

Start staking AVS and earn crypto rewards up to 28.50% APY.

We are delighted to welcome all our new community members to AlgoVest!

Since the launch of AlgoVest, we have been planning and building incredible forms of utility around our native token, AVS. This is why we listed on Uniswap and Hotbit Exchange for the public to be part of our growing DeFi ecosystem.

In addition to our token buyback and burn mechanism, we are excited to announce the launch of AVS Staking. To simplify user interaction with the staking contract, a staking dashboard was developed with a simple to…

AlgoVest raises 200.28 ETH in AVS token sale.

We are delighted to announce to our dear community, the #AVesters, that we have successfully closed the AVS token sale rounds. We raised a total of 200.28 ETH (Private-sale: 160 ETH/Pre-sale: 40.28 ETH) and we thank all of you, our amazing supporters for making this possible. Kindly refer to our Use of Token Sale Funds to understand the allocation of funds moving forward.

Total Tokens Sold: 1,661,120 AVS. Total Unsold Tokens: 1,538,880 AVS, which might be added to staking reward pool to reward stakers or be offered for OTC in the future.

Website is live. AVS pre-sale will be on Monday, January 25, 2021 at 5PM UTC.

We are very excited to announce the launch of the newly designed AlgoVest website. Visit domain to learn more about the AlgoVest project. After plenty weeks of hard work and determination, we are delighted to officially announce the launch of our website, built from the scratch. We wanted to make the website faster and more user-friendly to form a good foundation for other functionalities that will be added soon. …

The Blockchain Baron joined AlgoVest as advisor. is thrilled to announce that we have added influential crypto project investor, The Blockchain Baron, as our advisor! The Baron is an enigmatic figure in the crypto world with remarkable connections and phenomenal grasp of crypto and what makes a project great. He is the founder of The Baron’s Club, a private venture group.

In addition to advising for AlgoVest, he also raised all of the $150,000 funds for our AVS token private-sale to early strategic investors. Tokens issued for the private-sale are locked and vested for 2% daily until completely unlocked.

Private-sale and pre-sale information and allocation of token sale funds.

If you don’t see an answer to your question here, kindly leave a comment below or chat with the AlgoVest team on Telegram. Be sure to check this article from time to time, as we will be updating it with the most relevant token sale FAQ.

Token Sale Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name and ticker of your token? AlgoVest. AVS.

On what Blockchain platform is AlgoVest built? Ethereum.

Why is your project launching with only 10m total supply? Low, limited token supply is what DeFi kids love these days.

Is your token total…

$AVS token smart contract is completed, with no security issues identified. Read audit report showing contract is safe to use.

Before take-off of the AlgoVest project, we wanted our smart contract to be inspected for security flaws and be reviewed to ensure it follows the ERC20 standard. Hence, the partnership with Solidity Finance.

We are excited to announce that Solidity Finance has completed the audit of the AVS token smart contract through manual and automated code analysis and test. After the security audit of the AVS token smart contract, Solidity Finance found no design issues, zero errors in the code… is a capital protection and growth project powered by a modular algorithm that generates consistent returns for token holders.

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