AlgoVest (AVS) is a non-inflationary ERC-20 token with multiple DeFi utilities, built on Ethereum. It utilizes the Protect, Reward, and Burn mechanisms powered by an in-house proprietary modular algorithm that generates efficient returns to optimize value for tokenholders.

What is the AlgoVest Algorithm?

The AlgoVest algorithm is a disruptive artificial intelligence trading program designed by the developers to function and aim solely for consistent profitability in financial markets. …

Greetings AlgoVest Community! Are you pumped to receive a valuable token as an $AVS holder?

AlgoVest Governance Token Airdrop Snapshot Update Banner

Today, we are extremely excited to release a significant update regarding the date on which the governance token airdrop snapshot will occur on Ethereum Network. We know that you all have been patiently waiting to know the airdrop details.

As mentioned in our Telegram community chat, only eligible private wallets…

Minds and Crbn are emerging decentralized social networks that meets our crypto project marketing needs. Join our community on these platforms!

It's no secret that traditional social media is less-than-friendly toward new crypto startups. And who can blame them? The space is new, it's hard to reliably vet every project, and there really are scams and dishonest projects that can make people lose tons of money.

So we're not mad at… is a capital protection and growth project powered by a modular algorithm that generates consistent returns for token holders.

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