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AVS Token Metrics, Utility and Features

About AlgoVest

AlgoVest is the capital protection and growth project powered by a modular algorithm and built on Ethereum. The AVS is a multi-DeFi-utility and deflationary token that uses the Protect, Reward and Burn mechanism as Proof of Capital Protection (PoCP) and derives its value from an underlying community treasury fund powered by a disruptive artificial intelligence trading algorithm technology that grows and protects investments.

Investors and token holders of AlgoVest can earn consistent passive rewards from staking and experience protection of investments through the AlgoVest buyback policy. Utilizing protect, reward and burn mechanism, AlgoVest ensure value creation and growth for all our community members. AlgoVest vision is to have the most fair and value oriented ecosystem powered by our advance AI Trading Systems, improving investment yield for traders and investors irrespective of their financial market skills.

The Utility and Features of AVS Token

AVS is the token of the growing AlgoVest ecosystem, and it is both a multi-DeFi-utility and deflationary token. AVS was designed to grow in value as a result of strategic buyback from the community treasury fund that provide upward price pressure and token burn to reduce supply. Key use-cases for AVS includes staking reward, yield farming, governance and others to be added in the future:

Staking reward: Token holders who stake their AVS on AlgoVest platform can earn AVS tokens up to 20% APY rewards, which will be claimable monthly. Stakers will also have the opportunity to vote on governance in the future.

Yield farming: Investors and large traders can grow their capital significantly by providing liquidity for the AVS pair on Uniswap and receive rewards. You can earn juicy interest in AVS tokens for participating in our liquidity mining.

Governance: We have it on our roadmap to build a DAO that will enable AVS stakers to vote on ecosystem upgrades, community treasury fund decisions, events and other initiatives. This will ensure that token holders and investors make decision on future development in the interest of the community.

AVS Distribution and Token Sale Pricing

There will ever only be a limited total token supply of 10m AVS tokens. AVS is deflationary and no future minting is possible. Initial circulating supply of AVS token is 3.2M, which is 32% of total supply. Kindly see the chart below to see the details of AVS token distribution:

  • 12% Private-sale has sale price of 0.00010 ETH for our early strategic investors. These tokens will be locked and vested for 2% daily release.
  • 20% Pre-sale has sale price of 0.00025 ETH with this round targeted at all strategic investors, community and future-users.
  • 17% Ecosystem tokens are for ecosystem growth, development, partnerships, and exchange listings, and vested 10% per month over 8 months.
  • 30% Staking Rewards Pool is for stakers rewards to help protect and provide liquidity for AVS token.
  • 6% Bounty & Marketing is for marketing AVS, promotional partnership with influencers and providing airdrop and bounties to grow and engage the AlgoVest community.
  • 15% Team & Advisors is to engage reputable advisors and ensure our founders and team members stay focused on developing AlgoVest for the benefits of our token holders and community members. These tokens are locked and vested at 5% for 20 months.


We believe in creating value and growth for all investors in the AlgoVest project. AlgoVest is determined to build a stack of Algos for the crypto community. We are extremely excited about the future of AlgoVest as it is all about protecting and growing value and giving consistent rewards to all stakeholders in the AlgoVest ecosystem.

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