AlgoVest AVS Token Sale & Use of Proceeds FAQ — Everything You Need To Know

Private-sale and pre-sale information and allocation of token sale funds.

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Token Sale Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name and ticker of your token? AlgoVest. AVS.

On what Blockchain platform is AlgoVest built? Ethereum.

Why is your project launching with only 10m total supply? Low, limited token supply is what DeFi kids love these days.

Is your token total supply of 10m fixed and non-mintable? Yes. Supply cannot be more than 10m and will only reduce through our token burn policy.

What is the number of tokens allocated for the token sale? 3,200,000 AVS, which represents 32% of total supply. Private-sale to early strategic long-term investors has 12% while the remaining 20% is for pre-sale.

When is the token sale? Private-sale to early strategic investors was successfully completed, oversubscribed on January 3, 2021. The private-sale tokens to early investors are locked and vested for 2% daily until completely released. Pre-sale date TBA but it is estimated to start on Friday, January 22nd, 2021 at 5PM UTC.

What platform are you using for the presale? We are holding the pre-sale on Bounce Finance decentralized platform. Get ready!

What are token price and hardcap for the pre-sale? Token price is 0.00025 ETH (1 ETH to 4,000 AVS). Hardcap is 475 ETH.

Do I need to have a wallet set up prior to participating in the pre-sale? Yes. You can use MetaMask, Trust Wallet or a web3-enabled wallet compatible with ERC20 tokens.

How do I participate in the pre-sale? The Bounce link will be posted on all our channels for you to buy through the link. Be careful of scammers and always confirm from our official Telegram Announcement channel.

When will AVS be listed on Uniswap and what is the Uniswap listing price? AlgoVest (AVS) will be listed on Uniswap within 24–48 hours after a successful pre-sale. The listing price will be 0.00035 ETH, which is 1 ETH to 2,857 AVS.

Are team member’s tokens locked up? If so, how long? Yes. Team member’s tokens are locked and vested at 5% monthly for a total of 1.8 years.

What is the underlying value of the AVS token and why would I want to hold it long-term? Due to the consistent profitability from our modular algorithm, our community treasury fund should exponentially increase with token adoption. We will continue to build sophisticated algorithm from the ecosystem funds, which should drive up revenue generation for the AlgoVest (AVS) token.

How will the funding be spent? Please check our use of token sale proceeds chart below.

25% Uniswap Liquidity fund is for providing initial liquidity on DEX and CEX platforms to ensure a healthy secondary market.

30% Algorithm Portfolio is funds reserved as the initial trading portfolio or capital for our modular algorithm that will be generating between 20%-40% profit monthly for the community treasury fund.

18% Marketing & Business Development funds will be used for promoting AVS to the masses and form partnerships that benefits the AlgoVest project. The funds will be used over a period of a few years.

12% Operations and Legal funds will be used for daily operational overhead and in handling compliance challenges.

10% Future Development is for developing future products and growing the AlgoVest ecosystem.

5% Miscellaneous & Safe Funds is for handling contingencies and ensures the AlgoVest project’s long-term financial stability.

If I have further questions, how do I contact you?

We will love to hear from you. Kindly chat us up on our Telegram.

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