AlgoVest Partners Solidity Finance to Complete $AVS Token Smart Contract Security Audit

$AVS token smart contract is completed, with no security issues identified. Read audit report showing contract is safe to use.

Before take-off of the AlgoVest project, we wanted our smart contract to be inspected for security flaws and be reviewed to ensure it follows the ERC20 standard. Hence, the partnership with Solidity Finance.

We are excited to announce that Solidity Finance has completed the audit of the AVS token smart contract through manual and automated code analysis and test. After the security audit of the AVS token smart contract, Solidity Finance found no design issues, zero errors in the code, and ultimately important for us and our users is that no known security vulnerabilities were identified with the contract. Please read the security audit report here:

We, therefore, encourage our dear community to feel comfortable interacting with our token contract. The AlgoVest team will continue to make security a priority as this is in line with our mission to protect and grow investments.

Thank you for the continued support and cooperation. Look out for more announcement soon.

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